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In today's world of instant gratification, page speed is incredibly important to your website. When someone visits your site, they expect the information they need to load quickly and accurately - and if it doesn't, they could go somewhere else. With WebpageFX, we can ensure that your website pages load quickly so that users are served the information they need almost instantaneously.

Qualified Leads Generated

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Do the pages on your website take longer than 3 seconds to load? If so, it's possible that you're losing valuable website traffic because you're not serving users the information they need fast enough.

One of the worst scenarios for your business is to send your customers to competitors because of something like page speed. Especially when it's an easy fix.

When you work with WebpageFX, you get:

  • A dedicated point of contact who is an expert in page speed optimization
  • Three different plan options to best fit your needs
  • Competitive pricing that make our page speed optimization services affordable
  • Insight into your page speed and what it means for your business

Why does page speed matter?

When there's so many other website elements to think about, page speed can be easily forgotten. But it's crucial to remember the importance of page speed and how it can directly affect your website traffic, conversions, and even ROI. In addition, it can also negatively affect user experience, page views, and SEO.

Page speed optimization is the process of improving your company's website in order to allow it to load faster for visitors. It's so important that a one-second improvement in load time can increase your website's conversions by 7 percent.

With that figure, take a look at the money you could be missing out on:

Dollars made per day
Dollars lost per year
$100/day = 100*365*.07 = $2,555 lost/year
$1,000/day = 1,000*365*.07 = $25,550 lost/year
$10,000/day = 10,000*365*.07 = $255,550 lost/year
$100,000/day = 100,000*365*.07 = $2,555,000 lost/year

Note: Every page speed plan is different. These results are not guaranteed, but are calculated according to a 7 percent increase in conversions with each one second improvement to your website.

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Below, you can see our three page speed package options and what they include

Page Speed Optimization Pricing and Packages

Page Speed Optimization Plans

Page Speed - 25 Plan
Page Speed - 50 Plan
Page Speed - 100 Plan
Features Page Speed - 25 Plan Page Speed - 50 Plan Page Speed - 100 Plan
Total project hours to be spent improving site speed, communication, and reporting: 25 hours 50 hours 100 hours
Page speed improvements are likely to increase your page speed tool scores, but WebpageFX cannot guarantee the level of increase
Needed for all projects: Website/Server Access
Dedicated project POC
Project web developers
Audit of current server configuration
If needed - Website/CSS optimization
If needed - Setup and/or configuration of a CDN
If needed - Reduction in http(s) requests
If needed - Combine CSS and JavaScript files
If needed - Https setup
If needed - Hosting transfers
If needed - Image size optimization and compression
If needed - Gzip compression
If needed - Caching setup and/or configuration
If needed - Setup of browser caching
If needed - Minify JavaScript
If needed - Changing the order of JavaScript and CSS loading
If needed - Optimize/reduce number of redirects
One-time investment: $3,125 $6,000 $11,500


Typical Page Speed score increases (Assuming WebpageFX has full website/server access & is allowed to work on the highest impact areas vs. client directed areas to focus). These estimates are based on the typical setup of an average ~200 page website. Results for each unique website and indvidual page will vary depending on how it is configured.

Page Speed - 25 Plan
Page Speed - 50 Plan
Page Speed - 100 Plan
Page Speed - 25 Plan Page Speed - 50 Plan Page Speed - 100 Plan
Current website speed test score of less than 25% Average of 15% to 30% increase Average of 20% to 35% increase Average of 25% to 50% increase
Current website speed test score of between 26% and 50% Average of 5% to 15% increase Average of 10% to 20% increase Average of 15% to 25% increase
Current website speed test score of between 51% and 67% Average of 2% to 10% increase Average of 4% to 12% increase Average of 5% to 15% increase
Current website speed test score of between 67% and 74% Minimal A few % A few %
Current website speed test score above 75% Depends. Some sites max at ~75%-~80% due to 3rd party ad scripts, ecommerce/hosting configuration, etc Depends. Some sites max at ~75%-~80% due to 3rd party ad scripts, ecommerce/hosting configuration, etc Depends. Some sites max at ~75%-~80% due to 3rd party ad scripts, ecommerce/hosting configuration, etc

Some of Our Successes:

Details Increased Website Traffic by
+ 95%
Ocean City NJ paddle boat
Details Increased Conversion Rate by
+ 37%
image of heavy equipment
Details Decreased Bounce Rate by
- 60%
man wearing sunglasses
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We're experts with page speed because we make sure our own site loads quickly.

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WebpageFX Agency Rating: 4.9 out of 5 with 30 ratings

Are you ready to improve the page speed on your company's website?

Page speed for the win

Stop missing out on qualified web traffic just because of a slow-loading page.

Contact us today to improve your website's speed, increase conversions, and decrease bounce rate.

Need our page speed optimization services? Call 888.449.3239 or contact us online today.

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